A must have in your facial treatment regime. Benefits of microdermabrasion:

• It leaves skin with a fresher, more glowing look.

• Diminishes scarring, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkle, enlarged
pores, acne, age spots, freckles and coarse textured skin.

• It makes it easy for high-tech skin care products to actually
penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin and help build
collagen, which gives skin its youthful appearance.

• A professional deep resurfacing treatment designed to rid the
skin of imperfections.

• Treatment is not intended for sensitive skin or rosacea. Some people
will experience temporary redness, which usually diminishes within 1-
24 hours.

Microdermabrasion w/Customized Facial (75 min) $120
A full, customized facial followed by a full microdermabrasion
treatment. Receive a relaxing facial massage, nourishing mask
specially designed for your skin type; leaving a dewy, radiant
complexion. Includes an ultrasonic treatment with a vitamin serum for
the ultimate experience!
Mini-Micro Treatment (30 min) $65
A microdermabrasion treatment minus the facial. After the treatment,
a serum & a moisturizer with SPF will be applied.

Microderm Before Microderm  after

The photos above were taken as part of a Series of 6 Microderm Treatments received once every 2 weeks. This yields the best results.